Over 50 fall sick after drinking contaminated water

Over 50 fall sick after drinking contaminated water

Patients undergo treatment at Government Hospital in Tarikere.

More than 50 people fell sick after drinking contaminated water at Karakucchi Tanda in Lakkavalli hobli in the taluk.

The residents of the Tanda developed diarrhoea and vomiting since Saturday night.

Most of the patients are availing treatment at the government hospital in Tarikere since Sunday.

Some patients have been shifted to a hospital in Shivamogga on Monday.

Meanwhile, the residents have expressed displeasure about elected representatives for failing to visit them even after three days.

Speaking to DH, Dr Devaraj of the hospital said, “The symptoms of all the patients are similar to that of consuming contaminated water. Their condition is stable.”

According to the patients, sewage from a school toilet has come in contact with the water supply pipeline.

“The Gram Panchayat has failed in checking the contamination in water,” charged the patients.

Sudha, a patient, said the consumption of contaminated water has led to sickness.

Panchayat Development Officer Avinash said, “There is a Shuddha drinking water unit in Karakucchi A Colony. But the work on the unit is in progress at the Karakucchi Tanda. Heavy rainfall in the recent past would have resulted in seepage of sewage to the water pipeline.”