Street dogs torment residents of Aldur

Street dogs torment residents of Aldur

Dogs rule the streets of Aldur, Chikkamagaluru.

There has been increase in stray dog menace in Aldur and surrounding areas.

Large packs of stray dogs are roaming on the streets of Sathihalli, Kelagooru and Vasthare, inconveniencing the residents.

The worst affected are women, children and senior citizens. There are instances of stray dogs attacking the pedestrians all of a sudden and injuring them.

“We cannot go for morning walk all alone. Packs of 15 to 20 dogs chase us. These stray dogs are very aggressive. I have stopped stepping out for my morning walks because I fear being attacked,” said a resident.

Jagadish, a motorist in town said, “There are instances of two-wheeler riders falling
off the motorbikes due to the stray dogs. The authorities should initiate measures to check dog menace.”

“These stray dogs loiter near the bus stand, hotels and meat shops. The waste from these shops attract stray dogs,” said Suvarnamma

They are very aggressive and keep chasing people. These dogs also tear the clothes kept outside the house for drying,” said Suvarnamma.


The villagers left puppies in Aldur, which has led to increase in stray dogs in Aldur.

The public have urged the authorities to take up sterilisation to check the stray dog menace in Aldur.