Paddy transplantation: Drum seeding is the way to go

Paddy transplantation: Drum seeding is the way to go

The scientists of Krishi Vigyan Kendra have been encouraging the farmers to take up mechanised transplantation technique, to save time and money, and above all, to tide over the shortage of labourers.

As the agricultural activities are in full swing, the farmers in Muttigepura, Halemudigere and Hesgal have been bidding adieu to the traditional method of paddy transplantation, to use the drum seeding method.

Scientists of Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Handpost, Mudigere - T P Bharat Kumar, R Girish, L Srinivas Prasad, M Yogaraj and others have educated the farmers about the benefits of drum seeder.

The drum seeder is a hand-run machine, four perforated drums and two wheels. Germinated paddy seeds are filled in the drums and the drum seeder is moved on the field. As the drums rotate, the seedlings are transplanted on the field. Under the method equidistance between the seedlings is maintained. One person can transplant 2.5 acres of land in a day.

KVK Scientist Bharat Kumar said that the machine is being widely used in Tamil Nadu. The new method has evoked a positive response from the farmers in the Malnad area. The farmers should keep the fields ready for transplantation and have to treat the seeds prior to transplantation. The cost for preparing the seedlings could be cut by adopting the drum seed transplantation, Bharat said and added that the total cost of transplantation could be reduced by 40% compared to the traditional method.

The machine will be a boon to those who are not carrying out paddy transplantation due to the shortage of labourers. Interested may contact the Krishi Vigyan Kendra. Phone: 08263–228198.

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