Paramedical, diploma students want faculty

Paramedical, diploma students want faculty

Students of paramedical courses at the district government Wenlock Hospital stage a protest in front of the deputy commissioner’s office in Mangaluru on Wednesday.

Students of paramedical and diploma courses at the Government Wenlock hospital staged a protest near the DC’s office on Wednesday and urged government to resume classes by appointing permanent lecturers.

The students also sought protection from any witch hunt.

“Our parents toiled hard and spent their hard earned money in order to get us admitted to the paramedical courses. Their high hopes and our dreams have turned into a huge disappointment. No classes have been conducted so far as there are no permanent lecturers in the hospital,” a girl student said.

Night shift

The students are forced to work on night shifts on Sundays and other government holidays. When students questioned such illegal posting, the hospital Superintendent Dr H R Rajeshwari Devi gave vague replies, they charged.

The students also accused the hospital administration of ill-treatment.

“There were also instances when we were asked to clean a patient’s vomit in the hospital wards,” informed a paramedical student and added that  paramedical students were treated as bonded labourers by the hospital administration.

SFI district president Charan Shetty, who addressed the protesting students said the first internal examinations had been completed in many private colleges.

“The classes for the first year students in Wenlock hospital is yet to begin. Labour leader Sunil Bajal accused Wenlock hospital Superintendent Dr H R Rajeshwari Devi of misleading the government by furnishing false information. During the first year of paramedical course, the students were asked to attend classes in Mangala College, Neermarga and fee was collected from students in this connection,” he said.

“The private college sent the students out of the class as the tuition fee was not deposited to the private college’s account, by the Wenlock hospital. Therefore, there is a suspicion that the DMO has misused the fee amount,” Bajal charged. 

SFI district secretary Madhuri Bolar and SFI leader Vikas Kuttar were present among others.