‘Protect Amrut Mahal Kaval’

‘Protect Amrut Mahal Kaval’

Onion cultivated at Basooru Kaval.

Despite farmers cultivating onions on Amrut Mahal Kaval in Basooru, the officials have turned a blind eye towards it. “The Kaval should be protected,” said Bhadra Wildlife Protection Trust head D V Girish and activist G Veeresh.

Amrut Mahal Kaval grassland should be protected. Kaval is known for Banadi, rabbits, black bucks, leopards and foxes. As a result, non-forest activities cannot be taken up on the kaval land. Every monsoon, a few security personnel, in the name of protection of the kaval, engage in cultivating onion, he alleged.

They said, “Local residents have already submitted an appeal to the Department of Animal Husbandry in this regard. There is a conspiracy to convert the grassland into a farmland,” he alleged.

“In the past, the security personnel were allowed to cultivate ragi on a two-acre grassland. After the cultivation, the straw was supplied to the cattle in the Amrut Mahal,” said Girish.