R'than to support rickshaw puller's baby

R'than to support rickshaw puller's baby

Rajasthan government has decided to bear the medical expenses of a month-old underweight and anemic baby girl whose rickshaw puller father was forced to carry her in a cloth sling around his neck since her birth in Bharatpur.

Bablu’s wife Shanti died on September 20 at the time of delivery and since there was no one to look after the newborn, he was carrying her in a cloth sling around his neck while riding rented rickshaw to earn his livelihood. When the plight and dismal condition of the poor father caught the attention of people, they came to his help in different capacities.

A pediatrician took the girl in his observation and suggested to district collector Gyan Prakash Shukla to shift her to Jaipur for better treatment. “The girl is underweight and anemic though she is stable. The doctor suggested her shifting to Jaipur for a better treatment,” the collector said. “On the basis of advice of doctors from Bharatpur and Jaipur, it was decided to shift her to Jaipur today and the government will bear the entire expenditure of her treatment,” he said.

She is on way to Jaipur with her father, grandfather and a pediatrician and will be admitted to a private hospital by night, he said.Shukla said during the days of treatment, the government will take care of his father and grand father in Jaipur. Local NGOs have also offered help to Bablu.

“Treatment and medical care of the girl is our priority at the moment. An NGO here has promised him to keep the girl with them for at least two years for her care after she is discharged from the hospital," he said."They also promised to employ Bablu at their center so that he can remain in constant touch with his daughter,” the collector said. After they are back, we will explain government’s schemes which he could avail and try to provide relief, he said.

The collector said he has constituted an inquiry into the death of his wife, which he said, occurred due to alleged negligence of doctors of a hospital here. The father told reporters in Bharatpur that he was forced to carry her with him as there was no one to look after her.

He said he will work hard to ensure that the girl gets good food and education in the future.