Scrap used to make school playground ‘attractive’

Scrap used to make school playground ‘attractive’

Play materials at the Government Higher Primary School (Fisheries) at Chitrapura, Kulai, have been prepared using scrap materials.

Unlike the conventional children’s play areas, the attractions installed at the Government Higher Primary School’s (Fisheries) playground at Chitrapura in Kulai are made from scrap materials.

Team Trigon and Inchara Foundation, along with the Sahaya team of St Aloysius College, have designed a play area by using discarded tyres, plastic drums, old wood and other scrap materials, Alister Sujith Lasrado of Team Trigon told DH.

“The team, by recycling waste, aims at making our localities a better place and inspire youth to bring about a change in society,” he stressed.

Closer to Nature

“The unique play zone was set up amidst Nature. Weeks of planning by Team Trigon, encouragement from the people and two days of selfless service by the students of St Aloysius College made this dream a reality,” he added.

This is the second project taken up by Team Trigon after the play area at the Government High School, Angaragundi, where children can experience the pleasure of walking through the woods.

The students were seen overcoming their fears while walking on the wobbling hanging bridge made of tyres and drums. The see-saw and hurdles were other attractions at the playground. The students were seen enjoying the climb through the series of rungs, competing with one another. The team had used coconut tree trunks to double as chess boards and chairs. The tyre walk was created using motorbike and car tyres, the Team Trigon members added.


The aesthetic look of the school has been enhanced with a vertical garden, designed using waste water tanks. The students have been asked to water the plants on a daily basis.

An artiste from the team has also painted the walls of the school with pictures of ‘The Glory of Hampi’, ‘lion-tailed macaque monkey’, ‘Royal Bengal tiger’, ‘Yakshagana’ and ‘Bhootakola’, among others.

Alister said that UB enterprises had funded the initiative. Also, Mohammed Sharif from Surathkal had given them 80 tyres to build the attractions.

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