Scripting success through dairy farming

Scripting success through dairy farming

Dairy farmer Keshavamurthy, from Hanumanahalli in Kadur, with his cattle.

Agriculture is like a laboratory. The land provides a platform for the laboratory. Farming is a continuous activity, said dairy farmer Keshavamurthy from Hanumanahalli. 

Keshavamurthy owns five acres of land and has been engaged in organic farming. To supplement farming, he has taken up dairy farming.

Keshavamurthy and his brother Venkatanarasimha are science graduates and were working in Bengaluru and earning a good income. However, they were attracted to farming and purchased five acres of land at Hanumanahalli.

After seeking information from experts, they started dairy farming. Now, they rear 17 cattle which produce 3,200 litres of milk in a month. The cow dung produced by the cattle is used as manure for farmland. 

The duo was growing Napier Grass and Australian Rhodes grass for the cattle. Following drought, they faced a shortage of green grass. As a solution to the problem, they have found silage. They prepare silage in 300 plastic tanks. Each cattle is given 2 kg silage along with ragi grass twice a day, in addition to water and 2 to 3 kg of cattle food. 

Keshavamurthy said, “We not only grow grass but also purchase ragi fodder from farmers. The milk is supplied to KMF dairy. We fetch
Rs 27.50 per litre of milk. We use grass cutting machine and milking machine. In addition, vermicompost unit has been set up in the farmland.” 

Keshavamurthy added, “Dairy farming requires hard work and commitment. Through dairy farming, we can free our farmland from chemical fertilisers. The farming is not only profitable but also provides satisfaction.”