4 ways to reuse a pair of denims

Have a pair of denims you’ve outgrown or are bored of? DH on Saturday suggests unique ways to change them into something new
Last Updated 28 May 2022, 02:09 IST

Have a pair of denims you’ve outgrown or are bored of? DH on Saturday suggests unique ways to change them into something new.

Bengaluru-based fashion designer Shiny Alexander vouches that there is much that can be done with a pair of old denim. According to her — one can make a complete new outfit, clutch, tote bag, planters, carpet and cushion covers — the options are plenty. “Ideally the best option is to check if you can salvage the existing pair by adding accessories, laces, studs or stones to give it a makeover,” she says.

However, if the pair can’t be saved, here’s what one can do:

Bag: The main part of a trouser is from the waist till the crotch area. This is the maximum surface area that can be turned into a bag. Cut the denim in a straight line around the crotch, parallel to the waistline, flip the denim inside out and stitch it in a straight line. Existing pockets make great additions to the bag. Use the remaining fabric from the legs to make straps and handles. You can also use the extra fabric to make pockets inside the bag. Use buttons, fabric flowers, ribbons, sashes, and studs to make it attractive.

Cushion covers: You can use multiple shades of denim and use fabric from the leg parts. Cut a denim trouser or pants into patches (small pieces of fabric) and sew them together, one into another, as a patchwork. Create a basic design or size template and sew the pieces together to fit into the design of the cover you need. To give a rugged look you can use even ripped-off or torn jeans. Use applique work over the patches to give it a different look. If you are adding a zipper, turn the cover inside out and stitch it in.

Carpets, floor mats: Cut the denim into strips of fabric and start weaving them together or braiding them. Decide the size and you can turn these woven pieces into floor mats or carpets, according to the room and purpose you want to use them for. These pieces don’t need machine stitches and can just be stitched by the hand.

You can make planters out of these cut strips, by weaving them together like weaving a basket.

Shorts: To convert a pair of denim pants to a shorts is the easiest, according to Shiny. All that has to do is to cut off the pants, just below the crotch area. You can cut the pair into a longer shorts or even a three-fourth, according to the look you are aiming for. To create a rugged look, pull off a couple of threads and comb the edge. Feel free to add lace or other accessories to give it a grand look.

(Published 27 May 2022, 17:55 IST)

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