Mona Lisa smile: This app gets netizens nostalgic

A smiling Bhagat Singh, Mona Lisa: This app gets netizens nostalgic

Recently, an animated short clip of Bhagat Singh, the great Indian freedom fighter went viral on Twitter. A user had uploaded an old black and white photo of the revolutionary crusader on the MyHeritage app. The latter's Deep Nostalgia feature uses Artificial Intelligence and machine learning to generate a real-life-like facial expression.

This impressed a lot of people on social media and many began to upload the old photos of their parents to test its efficacy. The app succeeded in evoking nostaldia. Also, some tried testing the feature on scientists Albert Einstein, Nicholas Tesla, even Mona Lisa, Abraham Lincoln, among others. 

It's really cool; some are weird, but most of them worth checking out. you check it out. Just use the #DeepNostalgia on Twitter, you will get the stream of videos. 

MyHeritage app website (screen-grab)

Here's how to use the MyHeritage app on your phone
Step 1: Once downloaded- iOS (here)/Android (here). You will be asked to sign up by entering details such as your name, email ID, password, etc
Step 2: Tap on the 'Photos' feature and upload a picture you want to animate
Step 3: Tap on the picture and then tap on the animation icon on the top.

Users can share the animation clip on social media platforms and messenger apps.

Also, the MyHeritage app offers paid services including creating a family tree, DNA analysis, and also get reports of matching DNA with famous people. Apparently, it has more than 13 billion historical records and record matches. People have to buy a separate DNA kit for the aforementioned service.

The MyHeritage app is available on Apple App Store and Google Play Store. However, there is some issue after installing the app on iPhones, as it shows can't register now. Apparently, the company's server is facing too much traffic for the Deep Nostalgia feature and asks users to come back later.

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