DH Radio | A home for cartoonists

DH Radio | A home for cartoonists

R K Laxman at the Indian Institute of Cartoonists. Credit: Twitter/@CartoonistsInd

An interaction with IIC cofounder, veteran cartoonist VG Narendra.

Hello people, good morning and welcome to DH Radio.

Hitting a landmark 15th year next year, the Bengaluru-based Indian Institute of Cartoonists has been sort of a home for artists of satire from across the country.

Over the last one and a half decade, the place has hosted over 125 cartoon exhibitions by amateurs and professionals of the likes of Mario Miranda and R K Laxman.

In a chat with Rasheed Kappan, veteran cartoonist and IIC cofounder VG Narendra dives deep into its fascinating history. Listen in.