Even kitchen appliances are not spared in the quest for connectivity

A lot of commonly-used kitchen appliances are now Bluetooth-enabled and can be linked to smartphones
Last Updated 19 November 2020, 12:27 IST

This is the age of technology and electronic gadgets. Whether it is the smartphones, laptops, tablets, television sets, speakers or anything that we use daily, we are surrounded with gadgets.

In this modern age, the kitchen has not been left behind as our appliances are becoming smarter. For instance, let's take a smart refrigerator. It is connected to the internet and has Bluetooth. This fridge can keep track of what has been stored inside and the various item quantities.

First thing in the morning, many of us love our traditional filter coffee. However, tastes have changed and cappuccinos, lattes and the like are also becoming pretty popular. For those who love these western beverages, there is the smart coffee maker. It can be connected to a smartphone via Bluetooth. The app can be used to select recipes. One just has to add the ingredients and the gadget will do the rest.

The induction cooktop is not very common in India. It can be pretty handy as there is no hassle of waiting for an agency to deliver a gas cylinder. For those who are used to gas stoves, the heat settings and various buttons can be a bit confusing at first but they are a breeze once you get used to them. Tech has not spared even the induction cooktop. Companies have now launched many Bluetooth models. Like smart coffee makers, these cooktops can guide users with exact measurements to assess quantities and help with the cooking process.

Most kitchen appliances are now being pushed with the smart tag and these include microwave ovens, toasters, blenders, air fryers etc.

Bluetooth connectivity for kitchen appliances and gadgets that we use daily is expensive and might be a bit of an overkill too. Modern technology, however, is helping in other ways. For example, the air fryer (minus the connectivity features) can be a healthier alternative since it uses very little oil. Considering how much Indians love fried food, an air fryer could be a worthwhile investment.

Not all technology in the kitchen is about getting connected. It can be about safety as well. For instance, the flame-out protection feature in a gas stove can prevent a gas leak disaster. If the flame goes off due to wind or a liquid spill, the feature will kick in and ensure safety.

We are still in the infancy of connected kitchen gadgets and appliances. In the future, it will probably be a common sight to see the refrigerator ordering all of the groceries for us before we can even get around to making a shopping list.

(Published 19 November 2020, 11:27 IST)

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