Five cool kitchen gadgets you can buy

Five cool kitchen gadgets you can buy

Picture credit: Lukas

These appliances may seem strange but will save any cook, amateur or professional, time and effort while cooking in the kitchen. Some of these designs may seem a little complicated to use. But with a little practice, any user will find that they provide simple and mess-free alternative methods for daily cooking tasks.

1. The Negg: a hard-boiled egg peeler

The hassle of peeling boiled eggs is finally over. Now, instead of worrying about burning your fingers or breaking the egg, just place the boiled egg inside this gadget, add a little cold water and shake it. The shell will peel right off the egg!

2. Bivita: ventilated sprouting jar

Developed by GEFU, a German company that sells products around the world, this jar provides seeds or grains with the perfect climatic conditions to grow. Sprouting your own lentils at home has never been easier. The mesh strainer in the base of the jar helps prevent the most common problem of sprouting seeds: mold.

3. The Snap-n-Strain

This silicone strainer was developed by Kitchen Gizmo. Now there's no need to worry about your boiled pasta falling into the sink, or trying to balance bot a pot and a colander. To use it, one must simply clip it to the desired bowl or pan using the metal attachments and drain the bowl.

4. YolkFish

This silicone spectacle, a product of Peleg Design, allows for quick and easy separation of the yolk of an egg from the egg white. All you have to do is squeeze the fish, bring its mouth to the egg yolk and release, the yolk is sucked into the fish's body without any mess or trouble.

5. Automatic pan stirrer

A number of sauce recipes call for constant stirring. But that not only takes up a lot of the chef's time but also his or her effort. Uncommon Goods' automated kitchen stirrer takes away this problem and gives users free time to do whatever they please while their sauce simmers. Simply place the device in the pan, set the timer and let it do all the work for you.