How to make your mom’s day special this Mother’s Day

How to make your mom’s day special this Mother’s Day

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We live in a world where people don’t realise the bane of the womb. Blind of how she nurtures and feeds you till you rise and bloom.

She carried you for nine months and laboured you for ten hours. She shows up at work with a milk stain on her dress. She taught you rhymes even before you started going to school. She stays awake all night when you are sick. She silently shed tears when you had gone away. She lets you start new even after you have had a moment of teen rage and said: “I hate you! You are the worst mom in the world!”

She contributes her whole life to her family, whether its packing lunches or playing multiple roles in the household. She makes sure everything is perfect.

Happy Mother's Day to all the beautiful mommas out there, to the mothers who gave homes to babies and gifted them a family. To the young mothers, motherhood is a feeling which is wonderful and magical, full of grace and virtue, awful and is often hard. You deserve all the love and happiness that you give us.

Here are gifts you can surprise your mom with on Mother’s Day:
Greeting cards: Make greeting cards for your mom this Mother's Day. It's inexpensive and also a remarkable way to express your inner feelings. All you need is decorative items, creativity and a little inspiration.

Scented candle set: Candles make any home smell great with their pleasant fragrance, and fancy candles will look attractive in any room.

Coffee mug: A customised coffee mug if you are staying away from your mom 'My mom forever, apart maybe in distance but never by heart'. Remind your mom how much you miss her every time she drinks her morning coffee with a personalised mug.

Bouquet of flowers: Flowers are considered simple but still one of the best gifts. They are fragrant and are known for their authentic colours. They show that you care and this will bring a bright smile on your mother's face.

Chocolate box: There is nothing better than a chocolate treat, especially when celebrating the sweetest lady's day in your life.

Classy bag: Gift her a stylish and a classy bag.

Handpainted vase set: Vase looks more attractive when painted, it doesn't matter if you're not a very good artist, it's the thought that counts after all.

Spa day: Pamper your mother by giving her a break from her daily work and treating her to a day at the spa.

Photo frame: A framed portrait of the whole family, or even of just mom and her favourite child will serve as a reminder of how loved she is, even if the people in the picture aren't always around.

Beauty hamper: Gift her a basket of her favourite beauty products, makeup, lotions and shower gels to make her feel more youthful and appreciated.

DH lists a few Bollywood movies that show the beautiful relationship between a mother and her child:

Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham: This movie shows the bond between Rahul Raichand (the adopted son) and his mother Nandini Raichand. It shows how the separation of one is the most heart seizing experience. The superpowers given to women to identify her son's footsteps even from faraway place are beyond any explanation. This movie casts Shah Rukh Khan as Rahul and Jaya Bachchan as Nandini.

Kahaani 2: Durga Rani Singh (Vidya Balan) fights the world to save Minnie (Tunisha Sharma) from a sexually abusive relative. The motherly feeling towards Minnie makes her run with her to a new place and start living there with a different name. This movie shows that one need not fear anything when they have the most supporting, caring and loving mother by their side.

Paa: This movie shows us that a mother could do anything to see her child smile. Auro, a 13-year-old boy suffering from progeria, becomes the reason for his parent's reunion.

We Are Family: Single motherhood is the most challenging task for women. Maya (Kajol), a divorcee, raises her three children alone and manages other things as well. She decides to give up the guardianship of her children to Sherya (Kareena Kapoor) as soon as she finds out that she has cancer. This shows us her selfless love for her kids which keeps aside all the jealousy and only prays for her children's better future.

Mom: This movie was successful in portraying the extent to which a mom can go to her save her child. Mothers are a symbol of strength, Devki (Sridevi) manslaughters the ones who brutally raped her stepdaughter Arya (Sajal Ali).

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