Major bug forces Google to halt Chrome 79 update

Major bug forces Google to halt Chrome 79 update

Just a few days ago, the search engine giant Google released a new update v79 to the Chrome browser application.It came with major improvements including Freeze task queues in the background, web Bluetooth scanning, phishing protection and more. But, early adopters who updated their Chrome app began noticing the user data such passwords and information used for autofill form feature have gone missing.

Many people have complained about issue both on social media sites such as Reddit and the official Chromium bug tracker page. 

Now, It has come to light that the bug in the WebView component of Chrome is the cause for the disappearance of user data. Due to changes in the profile layout of the WebView, the engineers failed to mark the data migration from the old location to the new in the latest Chrome 79 update.

Chromium bug report page screen-shot

When the users started using Chrome after the new update, they couldn't auto-login to any of their favourite apps and websites.

What's worse is that similar user data in other third-party apps such as Twitter Lite too were affected, as most of them depend on WebView framework.

As per the latest report, Google engineers are still working on mitigating the issue and are expected to release software patch soon to get access to the old data location and migrate to a new location without any issue. Once done, users will be able to auto-login to the websites, which they usually open on the Chrome browser.

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