Pawed friends help out with 'how to wear a mask' posts

Pawed friends help out with 'how to wear a mask' posts

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Pets have a penchant for silly deeds but during this time of distress they are using their cuteness prowess to convince their human friends to wear their masks properly in public.

Luna and Harry of Melbourne posed for a series of photographers for their human friend, Dr Sandro Demaio. The collage, posted on Instagram, shows Luna and Harry demonstrating how to properly mask while going out into the public and is captioned, “For this latest public health announcement... over to Luna and Harry.”

Another Instagram canine star, who goes by Coconut Rice Bear, posted a video from San Francisco warning her followers not to use face masks as sleep masks. “As we enter the holiday weekend, please stay safe, make good choices and wear a mask to help stop the spread of Covid. I got you covered! You got me?” captioned the video.

A fire department’s K-9 in Fresno, California has joined the bandwagon to educate the public about the proper way to wear masks. The tweet which showed Tessa wearing fire-engine print masks said, “After being very busy the last several days, one of our beloved arson investigators took some time today to help model the correct way to wear protective masks.”

Followers of these furries have expressed their delight.

Reacting to Luna and Harry’s PSA, Instagram user Popitsara writes, “This should definitely be used in the official information campaigns for safety measures against Covid.”

Instagram user saurabhomergekar responded to Coconut Rice Bear’s post saying, “Its not a hat. in all seriousness I can't believe people still need to be told this. There is literally nothing to lose.”

Bethany Clough, replied to Tessa’s tweet saying, “Love it. Though I have to say, she looks quite stylish with it on her head. Perhaps for the post pandemic fashion season….”

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