Twitter user compiles list of what makes a 'feminist'

Twitter user compiles list of what makes a 'feminist'

The collage created by Raj Aanand for his tweet. Let us know who you recognise.

A Bengaluru-based Twitter user, Raj Aanand, has tweeted a 'list' of qualifications of what he considers to be signs that someone may be a feminist. Aanand describes himself as an 'engineer by profession, social worker by choice' on his bio.

The list, titled "Signs that shows she might be a feminist" has a number of criteria with a collage attached. The criteria include ugliness, rudeness, smoking cigarettes and even being an Urban Naxal. And he tagged Shiela Rashid in the tweet. The collage features Arundhati Roy, Shabana Azmi among others.

For reasons unknown, Congress leader Shashi Tharoor has been included in the list. It may be because Tharoor once said that every person ought to be a feminist, but you be the judge of that.

Of course, it wouldn't be Twitter without someone throwing shade at him for his post, and true to the tradition, people really threw some shade.







Not to be left behind, someone went the extra mile and decided to be an impromptu English teacher to Aanand.