Simple miss in Google map create brouhaha on Twitter

Simple miss in Google map create brouhaha on Twitter

Google maps is a lifesaver for anyone who wants to avoid getting stuck in endless traffic, especially in urban areas and metro cities.

However, a simple miss on the search engine giant's map has created a hullabaloo on Twitter. It all started after stand-up comedian Kartik Arora complained that the map does not mention if one has to take the flyover or not on Twitter.

(Translation: Dear Google, you have made a wonderful map. But could have added a small feature to convey to the user whether they should use the flyover or the under bridge. How will a person notice the half millimetre deflection on a 5-inch screen? Yours Truly, The person, who took a U-Turn after 2 kms)

Kartik's tweet received replies from several people with similar experiences. Some even said that they had hit a divider due to confusion on the map. One even shared a photo of a toppled car.

People from Bengaluru had this to say about the 10 km long Electronic City flyover on Hosur Road.

His embarrassment for taking the wrong route got reduced when he saw other tweets and reactions.

Confusion with the map led to a Uber driver dropping the rider under a bridge.

Uber apologised for the incident.

Confusion of over flyover or under for cab drivers is too real.

One user found a solution.

The most stunning reaction came from none other than Google India.

(Translation: We thank customers like you, those who show us the right path. We won't stop in our attempts to offer better services, dear companion)

Hope Google will fix this miss soon!