Steam Grand Prix Sale - Top Picks

Steam Grand Prix Sale - Top Picks

The 2019 Steam Summer sale is here with a new minigame called "Grand Prix" where gamers join teams and work towards the victory of their teams, with the top players being promised free games from their wishlists.

If your intent is to engage in the Grand Prix but you have a limited budget, here's a quick list of games to pick in day 1 of the sale, which goes on through till July 9.

Under Rs 300


1. Beholder 2

The sequel to Warm Lamp Games' dystopian surveillance state-type game Beholder (which is itself available for Rs 51), Beholder 2 boats a completely new storyline and choice-based gameplay that made Beholder popular. The story involves you, the player, joining the Ministry of a totalitarian State, with the promise of eventually becoming the Prime Minister - if you stick to the rules.

Price: Rs 269

2. Ori and the Blind Forest

A game about 'love, sacrifice and hope that exists within us all', Ori and the Blind Forest is a must-add for anyone who loves adventure video games. the game follows Ori, a young orphan who sets out to save the forest of Nibel after a storm causes the entire place to go haywire.

Price: Rs 284

3. Unheard

A nifty little game using time travel mechanics, Unheard puts you in the seat of an investigator whose job is to go back in time and solve cases by listening to the world around you. Eavesdropping on crime scenes is the core of the gameplay, but there seems to be a thread connecting the cases you follow.

Price: Rs 288

4. Dishonored

A classic revenge thriller video game, Dishonored puts you into the shoes of Corvo, a disgraced bodyguard accused of killing the Queen and kidnapping her daughter. The game features the use of supernatural powers in a plague-infested alternate Victorian setting and offers massive freedom in approaching every mission - you can be as quiet and clean as a mouse or as loud and messy as a storm.

Price: Rs 221


Under Rs 500


1. Bioshock

An absolute must-have for any gamer, BioShock is one of the most revolutionary video games of the modern age. Born from the ashes of System Shock, Bioshock takes you to an isolated underwater city overrun by the products of its own hubris as you navigate through its grave, tackle its crazed denizens and meet many, many eccentric characters in your search.

Price: Rs 329 (Rs 436 for a bundle containing all the BioShock games and all content packs)

2. Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor

You are Talion, a normal man who was captured by Orcs to be sacrificed...and then possessed by the Wraith of an Elf. Now, as a Wraith-human monster, you will literally walk into Mordor and find out the truth behind the identity of the Elf possessing you while seeking revenge against Sauron and avenging your family.

Price: Rs 494

3. Cuphead

Ever wonder what the cartoons of the early 30s looked like? Well, look no further than Cuphead, where you are a character with a literal cup for a head. Play as one of two characters in a quest to pay off your debt to the devil, and boy will this be a quest. Ever played Dark Souls? Think that but in 2D and with an art style with exaggerated character movements. Just don't deal with the devil!

Price: Rs 480

4. Chrono Trigger

One of the oldest and most classic RPGs ever made, Chrono Trigger made its way to the PC early last year to a healthy reception. For all intents and purposes, it's the Chrono Trigger everyone from the SNES era knew and loved, and it's the perfect RPG to get people into the genre. The game follows Crono and his friends on a time travelling adventure as they try to save the world, and if the character designs look similar to those in Dragon Ball, don't be surprised because the legendary manga's author was among those who made this game.

Price: Rs 449

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