Steam Grand Prix Sale - Top Picks for Day 2

Steam Grand Prix Sale - Top Picks for Day 2

The 2019 Steam Summer sale is here with a new minigame called "Grand Prix" where gamers join teams and work towards the victory of their teams, with the top players being promised free games from their wishlists.

If your intent is to engage in the Grand Prix but you have a limited budget, here's a quick list of games to pick in day 2 of the sale, which goes on through till July 9.

Under 500:

1. Kerbal Space Program
Physics! Space! Explosions! That's what you'll get in Kerbal Space Program, a game that has you man the...Kerbal space program and to get those little green men to space! Whether or not you can do it depends on how good you can get at tackling the physics of the game!

Price: Rs 212

2. Stardew Valley

Ever played Farmville, that Facebook-run farm management game? Think that, except a few order of magnitudes more complex and fun. You, as the character with a farm, has to turn an overgrown, inherited piece of land into a thriving home, and maybe fix the community along the way.

Price: Rs 383

3. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

With this game, all you need to do is go holler "I have some money, what game do I buy?" on any PC-centric internet messaging board, and you'll probably get inundated with recommendations to buy The Witcher 3. Hell, some will say buy all three Witcher games if you can. Whether or not you do is up to you, but the game does promise a ton of content.

(Fair warning, the game is explicitly meant only for people above the age of 18)

Price: Rs 299

4. S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Bundle:

Okay, so by now, everyone has probably watched the HBO series 'Chernobyl', based on the Chernobyl disaster. Now, if you're looking to revisit that same sense of oppression, doom and gloom and general bleakness, look no further than the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. bundle. It takes the Chernobyl disaster, gives it a sci-fi twist, and puts you smack in the middle of the Chernobyl Nuclear Exclusion Zone with nought but a few old guns, cheap armour and a huge open world with tons of quests to perform as you grow in power and carefully inch towards the centre of the Zone.

Price: Rs 288 for 3 games.


Under Rs 1000:

1. Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin

Abandon all hope, ye who enter here is perhaps the most apt way to describe the Soulsborne genre pioneered by Japanese developer FromSoftware. The games are famous around the world for their insanely high difficulty and a learning curve sharper than the Kilimanjaro, but despite all that and a perpetually bleak atmosphere, the games are remarkably fair, in that you need only get better at it to beat your foes.

Price: Rs 656

2. Darksiders franchise pack

Yet another bundle for today's roundup, the Darksiders franchise pack, called the "Darksiders Blades & Whip Franchise Pack", features all the released 3 Darksiders games for a sum lower than Darksiders III alone. Between all 3 games, you have a potential of about 60-80 hours of gameplay, giving a great value for money deal.

Price: Rs 725 for 3 games

3. Resident Evil VII

It would be correct to say that Capcom's horror-shooter franchise Resident Evil was lying on its deathbed after Resident Evil 6 launched to a less-than-tepid response. It all changed with Resident Evil VII, featuring an all-new engine, a return to the franchise's horror roots and some good old-fashioned terror. Not many franchises can boast to have literally climbed out of the grave thanks to one game.

Price: 999

4. Alien Isolation

Another solid entry that boasts a return to life for a franchise, this game is a "not for the weak of heart" kind of horror game, because it does not give you any power to combat the Alien, and when it does, it's almost always a pipsqueak chance compared to the terrors the Alien will bestow upon you.

Price: Rs 849

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