Steam Summer Sale 2021: 5 games, and something extra

Steam Summer Sale 2021: 5 games to buy, and a little something special

The Summer sale also has a fun little minigame modelled around the make-your-own-adventure story

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Another year, another Steam Summer sale. Thousands of games going for anywhere up to 90 per cent off, given that gaming has really taken off during the pandemic, many of those are mightly tempting offers.

Even newer releases like Horizon Zero Dawn are coming in at very tempting prices, and though it's not particularly rare to see newer releases get deep discounts, it certainly is not common.

So here are five games we think you should buy in this sale:

Horizon Zero Dawn

Sony has been on a roll lately, with more and more of its PlayStation exclusives making their way on to PC over the past year or so. Horizon Zero Dawn, one of its more recent PC launches (and one of its more popular PS exclusives), is going for Rs 649, making it a solid deal for anyone looking to sink a few good hours into a story-driven action game.

Resident Evil 3

Did someone order an extra-large portion of the T-virus from the local Umbrella Corporation store, with a side of Nemesis? No? Either way, Resident Evil 3 is an excellent remaster of the classic horror-shooter game from 1999, featuring some serious improvement in graphics, though some pieces of the original may have been left behind. The game is selling for Rs 1,154.

Chrono Trigger

Many tell that if you are a JRPG fan, you absolutely must play Chrono Trigger. It was considered a revolutionary game back when it released on the Super NES all the way back in 1995, and the remaster has been favourably received. Oh, and if you notice some serious similarities in the characters with Dragon Ball, it's because Akira Toriyama was involved in its production. The game is selling for Rs 499.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Are you a fan of From Software's absolutely senseless obsession with difficulty, yet seek a From Software game with an actual story? Do you like Japanese media in general? Then Sekiro is a game you should look out for. The game is selling for Rs 1,999 - a rather steep asking price.

Forza Horizon 4

Here's something a little more laid back. (Nearly) everybody loves a good racing game, and Microsoft and Turn 10 have constantly been improving their open-world racing game formula with the Forza Horizon games. Best hope you have some friends to race with though, for maximum immersion. The game sells for Rs 649.

The Summer sale also has a fun little minigame modelled around the make-your-own-adventure story, spread across 14 genres like action, horror and sports. Each category has a short story with two options to choose from, each with equally hilarious takes, and at the end of it, you can get one of five badges.

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