Steam Winter Sale begins: Here's what to look out for

Steam Winter Sale begins: Here's what to look out for

American video game company Valve has launched the Winter 2018 Sale on its popular distribution platform, Steam. The sale runs from today to January 3, 2019. Here are a few interesting picks you should consider.

Monster Hunter: World

A resurgent Capcom took 2018 by storm with Monster Hunter: World, the latest entry in the long-running Monster Hunter series. World features everything the fans loved about the previous games - from the hunting, the looting and the resource management - in an updated package with next-gen graphics and the traditional four-player co-op.

You can buy the game here. It currently costs Rs. 1,979 for the base game and Rs. 2,799 for the deluxe edition.

Assassin's Creed Odyssey

Odyssey may have been out only for a few months now, but the latest entry in the Assassin's Creed franchise is already available at a hefty discount. The game takes you to Greece and features several real-world personalities and locations from that time.

The game can be bought here ( for Rs. 1,499. It requires access to a UPlay account to register and play.

Sunset Overdrive

Set in the year 2027 in the dystopian Sunset City, Sunset Overdrive combines over-the-top gameplay with an open world where everything goes and RPG elements including leveling up your character and your weapons.

You can buy the game here for Rs. 419.

Phantom Doctrine

Set during the Cold War, this turn-based espionage thriller puts you in the shoes of the leader of a secret organisation with the goal of preventing a global conspiracy that threatens to pit nations against each other. It features spy-like gameplay elements including infiltration and stealth alongside turn-based combat.

It can be purchased here for Rs. 539. It also features a deluxe edition for Rs. 688.

Call of Chutulu

Based off the H.P. Lovecraft novel and the popular board game, Call of Chutulu puts players in the shoes of private investigator Pierce who is sent to investigate a family's death, pulling him into a world of conspiracies, conflicts and cults.

The game can be bought here for Rs. 1,199.

Hollow Knight

Step into a world of insects...or a dead one, anyway, as you take on the role of the Knight: a mysterious fellow who arrives in Hallownest, following ominous visions of things to come. Armed with just a nail and your wits, traverse the vast world and put its tortured citizens to rest as you uncover the secrets of this once-great kingdom.

The game can be bought here for Rs. 316.


Brought to you by the team that created This War of Mine, Frostpunk makes you the leader of the last city on a frigid Earth. The goal is to survive the winter with only your citizens and wits about you, and with resources thinning ever so slightly, decisions will have to be made: will you stand for order or for hope?

The game can be bought here for Rs. 468.

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