Today's Horoscope | April 11, 2024: Check horoscope for all sun signs
Published 10 April 2024, 18:30 IST
Travel plans may come unstuck, but keep your cool and don’t react to stressful situations. Things have a way of falling into place naturally today. A good friend comes with a surprising new partnership deal, so mull over it. Lucky colour: Yellow Lucky number: 7
The time has come for to make some introspection and rearrange your goals. Hasty speech, words spoken in anger cause problems at work today. Keep a low profile and observe the day's unfolding before you, but be just an observer, not a participant. Lucky colour: mauve Lucky number: 2
You will be emotional when dealing with co-workers or employers. Money may slip through your fingers. The Sun brings home affairs to the fore, and you may begin to question your priorities. Lucky colour: copper Lucky number: 5
There is a balance due to you, and it has been due to you for a while. Polite requests haven't worked, but the final payment will be made soon. If you find yourself at odds with an authority figure or someone older or more experienced - don't overreact or go overboard. Lucky colour: Lilac Lucky number: 6
A partner or close friend might disapprove of your decisions today, especially decisions related to family or your home. Your partner or close one feels that you might be overreaching. Lucky colour: Beige Lucky number: 3
Taking a chance today will yield some interesting results – risk-taking is not something you need to be wary of. You will come across something inspirational. It will really help you refocus. Your home life has been unsettled, but big changes at this time will put you firmly back in the driving seat. Lucky colour: Tan Lucky number: 8
Long due recognition for work done may come now. Family matters go smoothly. You tend to blow situations out of proportion. Go with the flow and don't let the unsettled atmosphere get on your nerves. Avoid any confrontations with colleagues. Lucky colour: Sky-blue Lucky number: 7
Travel will result in new romantic attractions. You are ready for the new and unusual! Your home life has been unsettled, but big changes at this time will put you firmly back in the driving seat. Your charismatic personality will make you the centre of attention at social events today. Lucky colour: silver Lucky number: 1
A trip to the sea beckons. Rewards, gifts, or money from investments or taxes can be expected. Lucky colour: Brown Lucky number: 9
You need to resolve or release painful feelings from the past and live more in the present to achieve an inner balance. An advantageous business proposal could be signed. You must try to remain healthy by being on a diet and exercise. Lucky colour: Indigo Lucky number: 4
Success is possible if you carefully handle issues –both personal and professional deftly, without blowing up. A harmonious partnership happens and can mature into a fruitful liaison for the future. Domestic life could be enhanced by changes. Lucky colour: Orange Lucky number: 5
Your judgement goes askew, and you will have to rely on a partner for realistic ideas. Develop your sense of fair play. With your ruling planet not in a favourable position, communication could slow down. It is important to communicate with a loved one. Lucky colour: Tan Lucky number: 8
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