Today's Horoscope – July 6, 2024: Check horoscope for all sun signs
Published 05 July 2024, 18:38 IST
ARIES: (Mar 21 - Apr 20): Watch out for quarrelsome people and avoid arguing as it's just a waste of precious energy. Don't rely too much on other people's commitments, as you may be let down. Take precautions against seasonal allergies.  Lucky Colour:  Indigo      Lucky Number: 2
TAURUS: (Apr 21 - May 21): You may find new avenues opening up which will prove highly beneficial for you. Your high energy levels will keep you occupied with meetings, projects, chores and social outings. Watch out for petty, jealous people who may try to sabotage your good work or try to put you down. Lucky Colour:     Green    Lucky Number:  5
GEMINI: (May 22 - Jun 21): Stand up for yourself before you end up falling over due to stress. Remember your strengths and draw on them. Careful what you say about other people's lives, you could end up giving away information you shouldn't.  Lucky Colour: Pink               Lucky   Number: 3
CANCER: (Jun 22 - Jul 22): It is time to go through your possessions and get rid of what's not needed. If you have loose ends hanging about in your life, remove them. This is a moving-on time with much sorting to do and the need for changes knocking at the door. Lucky Colour:  Lemon          Lucky Number: 8      
LEO: (Jul 23 -Aug 21): By allowing things to flow outside your expectations you may add in a new dimension that hadn't occurred to you till now. Watch out for new romances because some of them may not be what you expect.  Lucky Colour:  Peach         Lucky Number:  6
VIRGO: (Aug 22 - Sept 23): You need to calm down your curiosity and the need for stimulation. Be aware of relationship issues, as one may turn out to be not doing so well and you have to reassess there. Be honest with yourself and others and you'll be doing fine.  Lucky Colour:  White         Lucky  Number:  4
LIBRA: (Sept 24 - Oct 23): Close relationships are a focus of unexpected change in your life now. Today is not the day to try to comer people by giving them ultimatums. Avoid  joint financial ventures today. Don't wait for opportunities to find you today, but get out and discover them for yourself. Lucky Colour: Purple     Lucky Number: 9
SCORPIO: (Oct 24 - Nov 22): Your obviously unique way of doing things has caught the eye of someone in a higher position. Don't take offence at comments made by co-workers. An older loved one may be having problems.   Lucky Colour: Tan              Lucky Number:  7 
SAGITTARIUS: (Nov23 - Dec 22): Uncertainty about your relationship is prevalent. A casual new relationship could evolve into something more. Travel and creative hobbies will be your best outlet. It may prove harder than you thought to get a certain person off your mind.   Lucky Colour:  lilac Lucky Numbers:   1
CAPRICORN: (Dec23 - Jan 20): Learn to trust more and believe that everything happens for a reason. Try not to obsess over things from the past, make the most of your present moment. Pay attention to your dreams, your sleep patterns may change and some premonitions may come true.  Lucky Colour: violet   Lucky Number: 5
AQUARIUS: (Jan 21 - Feb 19): A surprising encounter could lead to a lifelong friendship. Your instincts will be at their sharpest and it would be best to trust your gut feeling about all matters. Expect delays in communications and travel.  Lucky Colour: Saffron    Lucky Number: 8       
PISCES: (Feb 20- Mar 20):  A difficult phase at work could lead to great success; your natural ability to focus on details will bring you awards and accolades. A project you've been working on for a long time concludes successfully. Expect celebrations and a reunion with old friends.  Lucky Colour: Magenta    Lucky Number:  6
Amara Ramdev