Today's Horoscope – June 1, 2024: Check horoscope for all sun signs
Published 31 May 2024, 18:48 IST
ARIES: (Mar 21 - Apr 20): Make sure you always get the full story on everything you do, every contract you get into and every new person you meet so as to be clear on what's happening. Deception about some parts of your life could be an issue. Colour: Coffee      Number:  2
TAURUS: (Apr 21 - May 21): A new avenue is opening up at work which will provide the base for much pleasure in the future. Trips and new places you may visit now will open new doors for you. No longer is your life predictable. Look out for exciting new things in romance and love. Colour:  Indigo    Number:  8
GEMINI: (May 22 - Jun 21): You appear not to have enough hours in the day to do all that you want to do. Delegating work seems like a good idea. Ideas of moves need talking through with a close one.  Colour:  Beige                Number: 6
CANCER: (Jun 22 - Jul 22): Watch out for quarrelsome people and avoid arguing as it's just a waste of precious energy. Don't rely too much on other people's commitments, as you may be let down. Take precautions against seasonal allergies.  Colour:  Ivory             Number:   3
LEO: (Jul 23 -Aug 21): Something you say today could hurt another person’s feelings, so be careful with your choice of words. You start to see with clarity who you can and can't trust and you no longer feel scared of trusting your inner emotions.  Colour: orange   Number: 5
VIRGO: (Aug 22 - Sept 23): You've been in a rut and you need to do something that will help you break the pattern you've fallen into. A day for belt-tightening and caution about investments and expenditures. Going on a diet is favoured now.  Colour: Silver        Number:   4
LIBRA: (Sept 24 - Oct 23): Although you have resources to burn, try to use them wisely today. Stress can be debilitating, Colour: Make important decisions involving mutual assets and credit. Communications that were unclear suddenly make more sense. Colour: Caramel Number: 9
SCORPIO: (Oct 24 - Nov 22): upsets with family members likely. Limitations at work possible. Don't hesitate to make special plans just for two. Too many minor aggravations to cope with today Be patient. Keep your temper in check. Colour: Ochre Number: 7
SAGITTARIUS: (Nov23 - Dec 22): A bond of friendship grows stronger. You may have to devote time to a work-related or intellectual project today.Your partner will enjoy helping out. Colour: Peach Number: 1
CAPRICORN: (Dec23 - Jan 20): New knowledge, skills, a new job or even a new home may be in store for you. Do not be afraid to take risks, as they will pay off. Socially you may attract a new circle of associates and friends, a few of them unusual. Colour: Gold Number:  8
AQUARIUS: (Jan 21 - Feb 19):  In matters of property and legal issues, analyse and evaluate things thoroughly before rushing on impulse. You may find new avenues opening up which will prove highly beneficial for you. Colour: Ruby-red   Number: 6
PISCES: (Feb 20- Mar 20): Your high energy levels will keep you occupied with meetings, projects, chores and social outings. Watch out for petty, jealous people who may try to sabotage your good work or try to put you down. Colour: Brown             Number: 5
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