'Adopt formula of recycle, reproduce and reuse'

'Adopt formula of recycle, reproduce and reuse'

Actor Raveena Tandon. Photo by Pavitr Saith

On World Environment Day, actor Raveena Tandon, in a chat with Deccan Herald, shares her thoughts on what needs to be done to conserve and preserve the earth.

"We need to adopt the formula of recycle, reproduce and reuse in our daily lives. There should be less use of paper and no use of plastic at all. Reuse as much as possible and recycle. Our Indian system of Bhangarwalas are the best and oldest recyclers, so use that system to not just discard but segregate and recycle," says Raveena.

"I try and do as much and also have brought up my kids to do the same -- simple things like reusing the backs of A 4 sheets for reprinting, collecting all oil tins and plastic boxes etc for the recycle bin. I use cloth bags, consume less electricity, save water and solar power at my farmhouse," she says.

"Save and conserve what we still have. Planting more trees is essential but see how we can prevent the cutting down of trees or save them. We should understand that there is an alternative to development without destroying the environment. No one can stop development, but that shouldn’t be at the cost of destroying nature,'' she adds.