Yoga: Prevention is better than cure

Yoga: Prevention is better than cure

Yoga has many different styles and the results differ in people. PTI image for representation

Practising yogasana can be a great way to prevent health issues from cropping up, according to experts. This ancient and scientific practice is required in today's fast and keto diet-ridden life.

Yoga is a practice familiar to Indians from ancient times.

Among the different schools of yoga, the most famous and widely practised ones are the Iyengar, Hatha and Kundalini Yoga.

Yoga basically includes numerous elements and techniques. However, in the modern era, more emphasis is on the physical posture, breathing techniques and meditation to attain composite and effective results.

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Yoga in the era of technology:

In this trauma-bound era of technology, it is common for an individual to try alternative therapies to escape complex medications. Yoga is considered a refreshing addition to our daily lives that improve physical and mental health conditions while also achieving a better feeling about the self. It has constantly gained the attention of many. There has been scientific research and the resulting evidence suggests positive aspects of yoga therapies in the field of medical science. It is always advised to start practising yoga in order to reduce health problems as one grows older.

Common ailments in which yoga helps:

Researches funded by the National Centre for Complementary and Integrative health, United States, have constantly been working on investigating the effects of yoga on a variety of conditions such anxiety disorder, sleep disturbance and fatigue, depression in adolescence and many related topics. It reveals that the most common health conditions for which people seek out to yoga are back pain, stress and arthritis. It also helps reduce excessive craving for smoking.

What doctors have to say:

Yoga has many different styles and the results differ in people. It depends on the specific condition and needs of the person. For instance, a person suffering from a backache or slip disc cannot be advised the same yoga therapy as for a person with cardiovascular issues.

“In pregnancy cases, it is always better for the patient to practice beginning rather than trying to teach them a few asanas at the last minute,” said Dr Asha Raj P, PhD in Naturopathic healing, specialising in infertility and high-risk pregnancy and chief yoga therapist.

“Encouraging patients to practice yoga daily with periodic days of rest and requiring them to spend up to an hour every day is beneficial,” she added.

Yoga is very beneficial to the mind, especially in the tumultuous urban scenario.

Yoga is safe when practised properly and one should discuss their needs with their health care providers or yoga instructors. Not all positive effects of yoga have been proven. But, it only has shown promise in helping to manage certain health associated conditions.

The quality of yoga taught today cannot be assessed since numerous yoga studios and classes have mushroomed all over the city and people are mesmerised by the glamorous interiors rather than the actual elements of yoga. It is necessary that individuals do good research about the yoga class and teacher before they join. Dr Raj also said that yoga has positive effects on the mind and could hence be the answer for many problems since 99 per cent of diseases are aggravated by mental factors or stress.

Dr Kala Yadav, Professor, Bangalore Medical College and Research Institute, stated that yoga is used as an alternative therapy along with medications that is used to treat many chronic diseases as well as minor ailments.

In cases of cancer patients, yoga has the potential to improve the immune system of patients and that could provide some relief. In cases of depression and anxiety, yoga helps regulate body hormones that give comfort to the patient. Coming to menopause and epilepsy, yoga does not directly help the patient but helps provide relief in a certain manner and by regulating hormones.

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