A beauty spot in Tumkur

A beauty spot in Tumkur

A beauty spot in Tumkur

A perennial spring, a deer park and a nursery in Tumkur district have caught the attention of Arfana Abu. Head to this little place to experience nature at its best.

Kalpavriksha, also known as kalpataru, kalpadruma and kalpapadapa, is a mythological, wish-fulfilling divine tree said to fulfill all desires.

Tumkur district which is known for its production of coconut, is also known as Kalpatharu Nadu. |

Located in this district is Namada chilume, a wonderland just 8 km away from Tumkur town and close to Devarayanadurga. Namada Chilume is a natural spring.

This is one of the best preserved ecosystems in Tumkur. It is both a tourist centre and a place of Hindu pilgrimage.

Legend says...

The name Namada Chilume has an interesting story behind it. According to a legend, Lord Ram, his wife Sita and brother Lakshmana went to the forest after they were exiled from their kingdom.

During these years, they travelled through Devarayanadurga forest.

Here Lord Ram looked around for some water to apply a mark (tilak) on his forehead.

But not finding any water around, he shot an arrow onto a boulder. This created  a hole in the boulder and water came streaming out.

This spot today, is popularly known as Namada Chilume. In Kannada, nama means a mark put on the forehead and chilume means spring.

A foot impression can also be found on the rock near this water hole. This spot is also considered as the origin of Jayamangali river.

The water hole is perennial. And this is an inbounded source of water stream and remains the same under any weather conditions.

The water is considered holy and precious and people collect it in bottles. The crystal clear water is found to be rich in taste.

During the summer season, Namada Chilume, with its surrounding forests and a cool environment, gets a lot of visitors. Families come to this place for a day’s picnic.

Besides deer, loads of monkeys are also found in the deer park which is a part of Namada Chilume.

A rare repository

The Karnataka forest department has developed a nursery of medicinal plants near Namada Chilume. There are about 300 varieties of rare ayurvedic plants in this nursery.

Only particular species of plants are cultivated on specified plots for easy identification of the plant varieties.

The nursery, known as the mini forest of medicinal plants, has been developed with the objective of conserving endangered species of plants on Devarayanadurga Hills.

Transport facilities to this place have also improved in recent years for the convenience of visitors. Trekkers have the option of ascending the hill adjacent to Namada Chilume.

There is also a forest guest house here.

The birdman’s abode

A little away from the current government guest house, just facing the spring is an old, dilapidated guest house constructed in 1931. Dr Salim Ali, the renowned ornithologist, was said to have stayed in this guest house during his ornithological visits to this place, around 1938.

Interestingly enough, there is a wet deciduous patch behind the old guest house, adjoining the huge rock where Dr Salim Ali used to collect moist-deciduous bird species in this area, which are no longer to be seen now.