Stone-age relics near Gangavathi

Stone-age relics near Gangavathi

It is said that these structures on Chikkabenkal hill near Gangavathi in Koppal district belong to the stone age.

These houses are said to have been constructed 3,000 years ago. But, no research that can throw more light on them, has been taken up so far.
At a time when there were no technological advances, the ability of the stone age man to shape these stones into nice, semicircular slabs and place them on top of each other is cause for amazement.

Because the roofs of these houses are shaped like plates, the local people call it morera thatte though the origin of the first word or its meaning is not known.
Today, these stone age structures are in danger of being plundered  by treasure hunters and local cowherds. It is said that the place had over 600 such houses at one point. Today, though, the number has come down to a mere 60 to 70. Stone age men who might have lived in Agoli, Gaddi, Chikkabenkal villages must have built these structures to protect themselves from wildlife. Others say they are graves. But, according to Sharanabasappa Kolkar, a history lecturer from a local college, these structures definitely belong to the stone age.

The stone age man had no knowledge about metals. Treasure hunters, who are unaware of this, have tried to bring down these stone structures, and look for bounty.
But, there is still hope, for the Hyderabad-Karnataka Development Board Secretary Shalini Goel and the Gulbarga region’s Commissioner Rajneesh Goel have shown interest in these structures, and are chalking out a plan to save them.
These stone age structures should be maintained well. The region has the potential to draw tourists, if information about the structures is promoted well, according to Rajneesh Goel, on a recent visit to the region. Surely, it can feature on the tourist circuit, because Hampi is in close proximity.

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