Another trophy to vindicate Ganesh's switch

Another trophy to vindicate Ganesh's switch

Ganesh Satish

Ganesh Satish scored a century in the Ranji Trophy final against Maharashtra when Karnataka were crowned champions in 2013-14. He subsequently scored 84 against Rest of India in the Irani Cup which too Karnataka annexed. Next thing, he had applied for a No Objection Certificate from the KSCA to play for Vidarbha from the next season.

It was a surprising move and perhaps the toughest decision he had to make but the developments during the 2013-14 season had convinced the right-hander that he had no future in Karnataka.

“A lot of people told me not to move,” recalled Ganesh in a chat with DH, shortly after Vidarbha lifted their second successive Ranji Trophy title here on Thursday. “Almost everyone I knew advised me against moving, a lot of them even said I was giving up. But, in fact, it was the other way round. I wanted to show I can do something, not just stay there and be in the background; be one of those players to just lift the trophy.

"I wanted to contribute and that’s why I made that move. A lot of discouragement was there. Even Brijesh (Patel) sir, who was the secretary then, told me not to go and that I will get my opportunities. But I had to make the decision for myself and I felt it was the right move for me,” he reasoned.

He was only 25, he had already captained Karnataka and he was still one of the premier batsmen in the side. So, what then made him turn a freelancer? Ganesh admits no one told him he had no place in the Karnataka side, but he could sense it with the way he was treated that entire season.

 “Through the season, I played the first five games at No 7. I was brought back for the (Ranji Trophy) final. In the Irani Cup also I did well, I got 84. And in the following one-dayers, I was given just one or two chances. Left out, brought in and then left out and brought in for the final…. There was a lot of chopping and changing. Your mindset isn’t there, you are always going to worry what’s going to happen rather than worrying about your performance. You are going to be more focused on whether I am going to play the next game or not. That’s not the way you are going to improve as a cricketer. I wanted that certainty where I could be one of the main players in the side. Get a complete season to show what I can do, and I got that opportunity here,” he said.    

Ganesh admits it wasn’t an easy decision to make the shift. Moving from one of the domestic powerhouses to a low-profile team was always going to be a risky affair. He spent several days and nights pondering over his future before making up his mind to relocate.  

“It was one of the most difficult decisions that I have ever made,” he remarked. “I played all my cricket, since I was 12 years old, for Karnataka. I didn’t take it (the decision) swiftly, I thought about it, took my time but then I decided that I had to do something for myself. I couldn’t always keep waiting. If I had to progress, I need to take this decision. Luckily enough, I found such a good association. I have been blessed with two Ranji Trophy titles here, and one time there (with Karnataka). So three titles feels really good, my move to come here feels vindicated,” he observes.

Indeed, Ganesh stands vindicated. He is regarded highly and respected as a top-quality batsman in Vidarbha, he is part of their think tank and more importantly he is at peace with himself.

“When I came in, there was a lot of expectation from me to do well,” Ganesh noted. “It was a new environment, new set-up and getting to know the players and stuff. But now the association completely backs me, I have had that trust for five years now. As a senior member, my role is to be one of the think tank members, they involve me in a lot of team decisions and also to guide the inexperienced batsmen around,” he offered.

By his own standards with Vidarbha, this was a middling season for Ganesh but he still scored close to 500 runs for the season.  

“I would say not such a great season this time for me personally, but the team was doing well. So, I think whatever you can contribute to the team and help the team in winning is most important. Personally, I would have liked to convert a lot of starts I got. Five 50s, couple of 80s and one 90… I should have converted those but those contributions, I hope, helped the team get to the final,” he signed off.

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