Aussie Olympic hope Monk in hit-and-run

Last Updated : 29 September 2011, 04:58 IST

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The Commonwealth Games relay gold medallist, who also competed at the Beijing Olympics and the recent world championships in Shanghai, was left unconscious after being hit by a car in Brisbane yesterday afternoon.

Monk was on his way to training and was within minutes of the venue when he was hit. Fellow swimmers Ned McKendry, Nick D'Arcy and Stephanie Rice went to his aid before he was rushed to hospital.

"I still feel a bit sore, but also very lucky," said Monk, who specialises in the 200m freestyle and is training for the London Olympics.

"I have broken my elbow in two places which is obviously really disappointing at this stage of the preparation for the Olympic trials in March next year."

He claimed he was deliberately targeted, and had given a statement to police.
"I believe it was done on purpose. I can't remember too much after I was hit, but I know I wasn't doing anything wrong," he said.

His coach Michael Bohl said Monk was adamant it was no accident."When I spoke to him, he said there was no doubt that the person who did this did it intentionally and he swerved to get him," Bohl told Brisbane's Courier-Mail newspaper.

"Kenrick went over the top of his handle bars and came down with a big thud.
"It's really thrown his (Olympic) preparation into a little bit of turmoil."The 23-year-old is expected to be out of the water for up to two months.

Published 29 September 2011, 04:58 IST

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