Reports of rift with Rohit are ridiculous: Virat Kohli

Reports of rift with Rohit are ridiculous: Virat Kohli

India's captain Virat Kohli (L) embraces Rohit Sharma during the 2019 Cricket World Cup group stage match between Bangladesh and India at Edgbaston in Birmingham, central England, on July 2, 2019. (Photo by AFP)

Virat Kohli addressed the media ahead of the team's departure for the West Indies tour. He praised the new Test Championship format, saying that it will act as a boost to Test cricket. "I think it's a good thing. Test cricket really needed a boost. I think for all the cricketers now, every session will be more intense. All the teams are going to enjoy a lot more," he said. 

Speculations were rife regarding him taking rest from the tour, and Kohli refuted those rumours dismissively. "Nothing was communicated to me about rest. It's an important time for the team to regroup. I know we were all very disappointed with not going into the World Cup final, but we have to move on," Kohli said.

He also clarified Rohit Sharma's selection in the  South Africa Test series over the once prolific Ajinkya Rahane, "We chose him (Rohit) over Jinx (in the South Africa Test series) because of the way he (Rohit) was playing. But Jinx is a solid player as well. We've all seen the impact he can make with the slip catching and everything. I don't think we should jump the gun. But I think he will come around. Jinx will also come in, and he can start stringing in scores. He really wants to turn it around."

Talks have been going around regarding a rift between the captain and Rohit Sharma, with the team being divided into two camps. Kohli, however, slammed those reports. "In my opinion, it's baffling and ridiculous to read such stuff. Public talks about how well we've played, and here we're feeding lies and talking about negative things. And I've seen this being brought up for far too long now. It's bizarre how people are creating these things. You enter the dressing room and witness for yourself the kind of healthy atmosphere that's there. The lies are made to look believable," he said, visibly in an effort to put an end to the rumours.