T20 World Cup 2024 | 10 Memes that lit-up social media during India vs Pakistan

From Pant's high BP inducing shots, to Bumrah for PM, take a peak at the best of the internet from the India vs Pakistan match.
Last Updated : 10 June 2024, 12:40 IST
Last Updated : 10 June 2024, 12:40 IST

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India beat Pakistan by 6 runs on Sunday. And as is tradition on social media, there were a barrage of memes throughout the match between the great rivals.

Here's a look of some the best memes netizens shared during the T20 World Cup group stage clash:

Ever heard of India vs Pakistan?

Back in 2022, apparently this English fan hadn't. So an X user kindly reminded them how the rivalry came about in the first place!

The user titled @GemsOfReplies on X brought back the old interaction, building up to the match.

India's BP is high when on strike is Pant bhai

India was put to bat first, Kohli fell to Naseem Shah in the second over. So, out came to bat comeback man Rishabh Pant. And bat he did.

In an innings which saw batsmen fall victim to the Pakistani bowlers using the pitch well, Pant's high risk dynamic shots kept the score board ticking, and the heart rate of fans high!

X user titled @1no_aalsi_ seems to have portrayed our emotions during Pant's innings perfectly.

India: *middle order collapse* Meanwhile Rinku:

From 89-3, India collapsed to 96/7 within no time. And as we all watched it happen, we couldn't help but wonder what if our new found finisher, Rinku was there? Perhaps Rinku himself did.

X user @anubhav__tweets referenced the hit show Panchayat's famous dialogue to showcase that feeling.

Rain, rain, come again?

And so, India huffed and puffed to 119, but were bowled out. At this point, the chase looked like a mere formality for Pakistan to finish.

Prideful as we all were, many Indian fans prayed for rain to come back, like the X user @FarziCricketer:

Before 15th over: Bumrah bro, please help?!

Pakistan's innings was steady. Despite losing a couple of wickets, the low total meant they kept ticking and barely felt any pressure with Rizwan leading the charge.

At this point India needed a miracle from their main man Bumrah. There was hope, however slim there was, as shown by X user @TheCineprism:

After 15.1: *bows down to Bumrah* 

Bumrah delivered for India. And how! Rizwan fell and we had more hope!

Prime Minister Narendra Modi had just been sworn in at the Rashtrapati Bhavan. But if it was upto X user @Sahilarioussss , Bumrah would be sitting in the PM's office.

Yes bhabhiji, we agree!

Bumrah was so good, an X user proclaimed the Indian pace ace as everyone's husband after digging up an old post of Bumrah's wife and ICC presenter Sanjana Ganesan praising her (our) man, a tweet that remains timeless.

The Greatest of Our Time, surely?

Given how crucial his bowling his to the teams he plays for, how great his skill set is, and how he comes in clutch at the perfect moments, X user @GemsOfCricket might have hit the mark here

Kohli in 22, Bumrah in 24 

In 2022, Pakistan were seemingly cruising to victory in the T20 World Cup. Same was the case yesterday. In both matches, the chances of victory looked slim.

But India's best (maybe the World's best) were still in the fray. And in both matches, they single-handedly turned the tide in India's favour.

How bad were India's chance before the maestros grabbed their respective games by the neck and won it? X user @GemsOfCricket shows us:

Next time, will they take their mauka?

And so, it is 7-1 in India's favour. Pakistan has beaten India once in 8 attempts in T20 World Cups. They could've easily made it 2 in 8. But did they even want to? That is a question that X user @VishalDayama's tweet induces in us.

Perhaps they will grab their 'mauka' next time?

Published 10 June 2024, 12:40 IST

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