Dhanush has promises to keep

Dhanush has promises to keep

Dhanush Shane is keen to make steady progress. DH Photo/ Srikanta Sharma R

When Jude Felix, the former India hockey captain and current coach of the junior national team, speaks highly of a kid, he definitely must be a talented player.

“This kid has a lot of potential. I’ve seen him play in a few inter-school tournaments and at my academy where he accompanies his dad during the weekends. I feel this kid has got good talent and if harnessed properly, he could turn out into a good player. He’s got promise and potential,” said Felix of Dhanush Shane.

A seventh standard student of St Joseph’s Boys High School, Dhanush has been making decent strides this academic year at various inter-school meets. At the Chinmaya Cup and the Fr Eric Vaz memorial meet, the 13-year old striker bagged the ‘Best Player’ award while in the Bengaluru Hockey Association tournament, he won the ‘Most Promising Player’ prize.

“It’s very kind of Jude uncle to say such things about me. It just encourages me to play the sport,” said Dhanush. “I fell in love with hockey because of my dad. He used to play when he was young. I learnt the basics under Jude uncle and others at the academy when I first started out two years ago. In fact, I still train there during the weekends.”

Dhanush’s gravitation towards hockey was natural because it’s there in his blood. His father Dharmender played at the same club Felix played — Metro Hockey Club. Hailing from a middle-class family, Dharmender had to give up the sport and take up a regular income job to support his family.

“It’s really nice to see my son continue the legacy,” gushed Dharmender. “It’s just the start of the journey for him. He has so much to achieve ahead of him. I just hope he maintains his love for hockey and goes onto achieve things that I dreamed about.”

Dhanush says progression is a step by step process. “I want to do well in the Centenary Shield next academic year. It’s one of the most prestigious inter-school hockey tournaments and winning an award there would a confidence-booster for me. I will work hard on my game during the summer vacations.”