Divert athletes from other sports to cricket: Border

Divert athletes from other sports to cricket: Border

"There are so many disciplines, we tend to spread ourselves a bit thin," Border told The Sun-Herald.

"It's up to cricket to offer something that makes junior athletes prefer it over the other sports.

"There are ways to sell it. Some kids have the right temperament for the longer Sheffield Shield-style of cricket, others for the explosiveness of Twenty20. We can cater for all sorts of players, but there's other sports pitching for them - and kids want to be a part of everything," he added.

Border, who is still involved in cricket through the Queensland state association, said he is ready to help Australia reach the top once again.

"I'm more than happy to help," he said. "I'm not the only one. Cricket Australia has plenty of former players who would be happy to offer something." Border said England benefited from smart preparation against Australia during the Ashes series.

"We came up against a pretty-good English side after 20 years of them copping it from us," he said. "I'd like to think people realise England deserve more of a rap than they have been getting.

"Their bowling attack is the best in the world. South Africa has quality bowlers, but England's quartet is outstanding, and to think they lost [Stuart] Broad early in the series.

"They put [enormous] pressure on the Australian batsmen, it was a great display of bowling. It was England's turn to shine and they took all that was before them," he added.