Father backs Vikas’ decision

Father backs Vikas’ decision

Vikas Gowda with his parents Vijayalakshmi (left) and Shive Gowda. DH PHOTO

A special chapter of his life came to a conclusion for Shive Gowda on Monday. Even as he pursued his career in the United States, Shive spent a huge part of the last three decades in shaping the journey of his son Vikas in track and field. As the giant of Indian track and field said goodbye to the sport, Shive felt he had made the right decision at the right time.

“He has punished his body long enough, it is time to move on. He was training till a few days ago but throwing 60-61 metres is not good enough. The Athletics Federation of India also got it touch with us. They wanted to know our plans. Ultimately, you can’t fight nature,” said Shive.

New opportunities

“He has job opportunities but he wants to pursue his MBA. He is good in numbers, good in stock market, so let us see how he goes from here,” said the former athlete and coach, who is into the real estate business in the United States of America now.

While Vikas thanked his parents for their steady support and encouragement, Shive felt it was great to have a son like him. “I am happy to have a son like him. As for the sport part, I myself was a hard-worker in athletics. Vikas works ten times more than me. And he has maintained a clean slate right through his career. Even now, at his university, he is considered a role model for the youngsters,” said Shive.