Inderjeet’s suspension set aside

Inderjeet’s suspension set aside

Inderjeet Singh. DH File Photo

The National Anti-Doping Agency’s appeals panel on Friday set aside shot-putter Inderjeet Singh’s four-year suspension, handed by NADA’s disciplinary panel.

The Anti Doping Appeals Panel (ADAP) panel comprising lawyer Vibha Datta Makhija, Dr Harsh Mahajan and former player Vinay Lamba pronounced that the identity and integrity of the samples collected by NADA were compromised.

Inderjeet was tested positive (Adverse Analytical Finding or AAF) twice -- on June 22, 2016 during an Out Of Competition (OOC) test in Bhiwani and on June 29, 2016 during an In Competition (IC) testing during an inter-state meet in Hyderabad. The AAF was for banned substances Androsterone and Eticholanalone.

In July this year, the lower body of NADA, ADDP (disciplinary panel) had upheld the four-year suspension despite Inderjeet contesting that the procedure of sample collection was in violation of WADA norms.

The ADAP found merit in Inderjeet’s contention that NADA’s review process was faulty as it doesn’t mention the ‘break in chain’ of sample custody.

It was learnt that Inderjeet’s OOC test happened at his Bhiwani residence on June 22, 2016 where he gave (urine) sample in installments from 9:30 PM to 11:30 PM.

As per norms, in case an athlete gives his sample in installments, a partial kit (separate container) needs to be used, which wasn’t done by the Doping Control Officer (DCO).Secondly the chain of custody was broken when the DCO, who collected the sample, kept it in a refrigerator at his residence from 11:45 PM on June 22, 2016 to 2:45 PM June 23, 2016.

The period when the DCO stored the sample at his residence was “unauthorized” as per norms and there always remains a possibility of the sample getting compromised.