Indian football need a vision to move ahead: Giggs

Indian football need a vision to move ahead: Giggs

Indian football need a vision to move ahead: Giggs
Apart from coaching and educating the youth about the beautiful game, India needs a vision to move ahead in football, believes former Manchester United legend Ryan Giggs.

"First of all you need a vision, a short term vision and a long term vision and you stick to that vision. You need the interest and so this is what we are trying to do with Futsal," Giggs said when asked what is needed for India to move ahead in ranks in football.

"Get more interest within the game, within football within the younger generation. In Wales it's quite similar, we have rugby and football and in India, it is cricket and cricket is the main sport, also there are a lot of people who enjoy watching and playing football as well," he told reporters here today.

Giggs is playing the ongoing Premier Futsal with the Mumbai 5s who will play Kolkata 5s in the semis tomorrow.

"Coaching needs to be right, so the young players need the right education and coaching and facilities, but you need a vision and someone to have that vision and implement it. You have seen with Iceland, you have seen with Wales, as long as you have vision and you stick to it, you can be successful."

Wales had reached the semi-finals at this year Euro, while Iceland lost in the quarterfinals.

Asked whether he is surprised with the performance of Wales at the tournament, Giggs quipped, "I wasn't surprised with the performances because they showed it in the group, they come out, it was a tough group, obviously surprised to get to the semi-final as no one expected that.

"But not surprised as they did well, in the end they could have quite easily won, a couple of suspensions hurt them, but it was a fantastic competition for Wales and it just captured the imagination of the nation."

Giggs, who was the former assistant manager of Football club Manchester United, where he played throughout his professional career, says he is looking to be a manager but won't rush for the job.

"Ya, I am looking to be a manager and that's what I want to do first and foremost. If the right offer comes, I will jump it and I am not in rush, but at the same time, I don't want to leave it too long."

Asked whether he has any offers, Giggs said, "No, I am just enjoying myself at the moment. I did a bit of media work at the Euros and obviously came here for the Futsal. So no at the moment, I'm just relaxed and enjoying bit of free time."