‘Kanteerava staying as BFC venue was important’

Last Updated 19 October 2019, 17:27 IST

Bengaluru FC (BFC) coach Carles Cuadrat is pleased with the recognition of Indian Super League (ISL) as the country’s premier domestic competition. The Spaniard spoke about what these structural changes could mean for the Indian football as he prepares his side for the tough task that lies ahead.

On ISL being the top division

I’m glad about the decision. In my opinion, Indian Super League is the one with more quality and standard. It’s making the players more competitive. I have all the respect for clubs in I-League, we have also played there before, but time changed and the ISL is doing a good job making the standard improve. Also with the new plan, I hope things can become more normal and we can have a full league with more teams.

On the long gap between seasons

It’s a strange situation. But it’s the way it has been working until now so one of the targets was to make it better for everybody. I think all teams are in the same condition. The first game is going to be a little bit... not 100% fit but with more competition, we will get to that level.

On defending the ISL title

Defend the title? It’s kind of an English expression because we don’t use that in Spain. It’s just one more team competing to win the title. Maybe it’s a cultural thing. For me, I never ask my players to defend the title. I’ve always said that we have to be competitive and try to reach the playoffs. Here, no team has won twice in a row so the really strange thing will be to win it twice. Once we reach the playoffs we will see our dynamics.

On Sree Kanteerava Stadium remaining BFC’s home ground

That was very important. With all respect for new players, the signing of Kanteerava was the best thing of the pre-season. We have to be clear, it helped us a lot. The supporters and the club have such a nice relation for a long time. It would have been sad to move to another place.

On his first season as head coach of BFC

It was a test for me and I was very happy. I didn’t know how my relationship would be with players, the wins and losses. It was a very good personal experience. You never know how it is going to work until you do it. Last season I had to try that position. To work and take decisions in the game. I know football, of course, but you have to know when you have to take that kind of responsibility, whether you’re going to enjoy it or not.

(Published 19 October 2019, 17:10 IST)

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