Mysore Derby ends on farcical note

Mysore Derby ends on farcical note

Fans go on rampage; race declared null and void

Mysore Derby ends on farcical note

 Police lathicharge agitated fans who went on the rampage at the Mysore Race Club on Sunday. DH Photo

With a strong field of nine horses vying for the Rs 48 lakh top prize, anticipation was at a fever pitch, but the Derby proved to be an anti-climax with chaos reigning right from the start owing to the gates opening prematurely.

Immense, the second favourite, reared up when jockey S John was attempting to mount him and thus was not ready when the gates opened.

Additionally, Vinod Shinde, riding Bucethalis, had not mounted his horse fully and was not prepared to take his ride. B Prakash, riding favourite Sun Kingdom, then fell off his horse amid the chaos, compounding the problem.  Although the race went on with Fist Of Rage finishing first, followed by Balmoral Castle and Spark Of Atan, the crowd went berserk, shouting the race was fixed. They damaged three TV sets and furniture before police arrived, resorting to mild lathicharge to bring the situation under control.

The Mysore Race Club stewards subsequently declared the race null and void.
“We have decided that the race did not have a fair start and therefore immediately declared the race as null and void,” secretary of the Mysore Race Club, KG Anantharaj Urs, said.

“One of the horses stood up in the gates and jockey Vinod Shinde was not ready. The race should not have started when it did and therefore we decided to call the race off,” he added.

The results:
1. Bottolonda Cup (Div II) -- 1200M: Jewel Lady (MH Amarnath, Mrs Suja George & Aleixo AJ Pereira’s) Gautam Raj 1; Stinger (Noorulla) 2; Bee For You (M Suresh) 3; Smart Cooky (Jagadeesh) 4; Not run: Track Wonder; WB: 1, 4-1/4, 3L; T: 1:14.28; Tote: Rs 21w, Rs 12, Rs 37, Rs 17p; TB: Warren S; Fav: Jewel Lady; Fc: Rs 210; Q: Rs 111; SHP: Rs 130; Tri: Rs 617 and Rs 155.

2. DH Dasappa Memorial Cup (Div II) -- 1400M: Golden Dixie (Doulatram & G Shewakramani’s) Jagadeesh 1; Prince Norbert (Appu) 2; Act Of Duty (Deep Shanker) 3; Queen Of Destiny (AR Mani) 4; Not run: Prince Of Argyle and Breed Apart; WB: 3, 1-1/4L, Hd; T: 1:26.92; Tote: Rs 41w, Rs 16, Rs 19, Rs 14p; TB: Samar Singh; Fav: Act Of Duty; Fc: Rs 212; Q: Rs 101; SHP: Rs 56; Tri: Rs 265 and Rs 109.

3. RM Puttanna Memorial Trophy (Div II) -- 1100M: Star Of Desire (SN Prasad, TS Preetham & Sanjay Kapoor’s) PS Chouhan 1; Princess Coup (Ashhad Asbar) 2; Kar O Bar (S Mubarak) 3; The First Bullet (G Vijay) 4; WB: 3-1/2, 1L; Long nk; T: 1:07.95; Tote: Rs 23w, Rs 12, Rs 19, Rs 22p; TB: Hidayat K; Fav: Star Of Desire; Fc: Rs 71; Q: Rs 44; SHP: Rs 43; Tri: Rs 240 and Rs 117.

4. Bottolonda Cup (Div I) -- 1200M: Rising Rainbow (Ramesh S Mehta’s) S John 1; Star League (Nausad Alam) 2; Your My Life (G Vijay) 3; Inspirator (S Chinoy) 4; WB: 1-3/4, 1-1/4L, Long nk; T: 1:13.54; Tote: Rs 35w, Rs 15, Rs 46, Rs 45p; TB: Monnappa; Fav: Rising Rainbow; Fc: Rs 399; Q: Rs 321; SHP: Rs 137; Tri: Rs 11,616 and Rs 4,978; Exp: Rs 81,526 and Rs 34,940.

5. DH Dasappa Memorial Cup (Div I) -- 1400M: Leading Lady (Mrs Sangeetha, Mrs Shruthiba L Gowda, M Sreeram Murthy & P Rakesh’s) Nausad Alam 1; Jedi Knight (Chandrasekar) 2; Milagro (Rajesh Kumar) 3; Refresh (Harish) 4; WB: 1-1/4, 1-1/4, 1/2L; T: 1:26.60; Tote: Rs 46w, Rs 18, Rs 19, RS 44p; TB: Lokanath; Fav: Stampede; Fc: Rs 228; Q: Rs 121; SHP: Rs 57; Tri: Rs 1,407 and Rs 974.

6. Seetharam Mudaliar Memorial Trophy (Div I) -- 1200M: India Shining (KG George, KJ Kuruvilla & KJ Joseph’s) G Adarsh 1; Preset (Harish) 2; The Contender (Rajesh Babu) 3; Cannon Scot (Shanth K) 4; WB: Long nk, 3L, Sh nk; T: 1:13.50; Tote: Rs 224w, Rs 36, Rs 16, Rs 13p; TB: Malikarjuna; Fav: The Contender; Fc: Rs 804; Q: Rs 189; SHP: Rs 38; Tri: Rs 1,310 and Rs 481; Exp: Rs 30,210 and Rs 12,947.

7. Bangalore Turf Club Trophy -- 1400M: Incredible (RR Byramji’s) S John 1; Ohiyesa (Dashrath S) 2; Dare Don (Shiva Kumar) 3; Classical Dancer (B Sreekanth) 4; WB: Long nk, 6, 1-1/4L; T: 1:23.92; Tote: Rs 17w, Rs 12, Rs 27, Rs 26p; TB: Byramji; Fav: Incredible; Fc: Rs 98; Q: Rs 67; SHP: Rs 69; Tri: Rs 461 and Rs 185.

8. Gayatri Devi Memorial Gold Cup -- 1600M: Scimitar (Ms Shahnaz A Abbas’) S Chinoy 1; Caspian Sea (S John) 2; Super Spear (B Sreekanth) 3; Edmondo (R Vaibhav) 4; WB: 4-1/4, 4-1/4L, Nk; T: 1:37.89; Tote: Rs 76w, Rs 23, Rs 13, Rs 21p; TB: Md A Abbas; Fav: Caspian Sea; Fc: Rs 159; Q: Rs 87; SHP: Rs 42; Tri: Rs 389 and Rs 237; Exp: Rs 4,346 and Rs 1,774.

9. Poonawalla Mysore Derby 2010 -- 2000M: The race declared null and void.
10. RM Puttanna Memorial Trophy (Div I) -- 1100M: Supreme Arch (S Aditya’s) Deep Shanker 1; Liberty Ship (A Imran K) 2; Prezzie (Vijay Kumar) 3; Black Beauty (K Chethana) 4; WB: 2-1/4, 2L, Long nk; T: 1:08.07; Tote: Rs 32w, Rs 15, Rs 14, Rs 75p; TB: Md Khan; Fav: Liberty Ship; Fc: Rs 89; Q: Rs 22; SHP: Rs 40; Tri: Rs 847 and Rs 701.

11. Seetharam Mudaliar Memorial Trophy (Div II) -- 1200M: Born Beauty (N Prem Kumar & Shardul Sinha’s) B Sreekanth 1; Refuse To Bend (Afsar Khan) 2; Seasons Greetings (M Suresh) 3; Greek Ship (Deep Shanker) 4; WB: 1-1/2, 4, 3/4L; T: 1:12.88; Tote: Rs 31w, Rs 14, Rs 24, Rs 33p; TB: Lokanath; Fav: Born Beauty; Fc: Rs 169; Q: Rs 138; SHP: Rs 79; Tri: Rs 518 and Rs 359.

Jackpot: Rs 6,698 (429). I mini-jackpot: Rs 25,608 (c/o). II mini-jackpot: Rs 70 (343). I treble: Rs 414 (70). II treble: Rs 5,742 (2).

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