New therapautic bandage for sports, healthcare applications launched in India

Richard Hyde, British Deputy High Commissioner, with Ms. Kay Russell from Physicool, East Yorkshire and Dr. Nagaraj from Bangalore's Sant at the launch of Physicool in India.

Physicool is a product, manufactured in East Yorkshire and designed by Kay Russell.

It quickly and efficiently treats inflamed muscles, tendons and ligaments and rapidly reduces excess swelling and discomfort after injuries.

Launched today in Bangalore by Olympians and Arjuna Awardees, Dr. M P Ganesh and Ashwini Nachappa and British Deputy High Commissioner in Karnataka, Richard Hyde, the product is impregnated with a solution that rapidly cools the body through evaporation.

The new bandage is useful in managing strains, sprains and bruising for new trauma or existing conditions in the joints, thigh, shoulder and back. It combines cooling and compression and works by drawing heat out of the body ; it cools instantly without need for ice. This stretchable and re-usable  bandage can be an ideal sports, first-aid or medical product.

Ms. Kay Russell said: "We wanted to improve and expand Physicool, both as a brand and as a company. So we decided to work closely with UK Trade and Investment (UKTI). We found their services invaluable, especially their courses on exporting. From that first introduction to Dr. Nagaraj at Medica, things have moved fast."

Mr. Richard Hyde said: ''With the Commonwealth Games around the corner in India, we imagine the prospects for this new Indo-British collaboration are particularly bright."

Further details regarding the effect of the cooling and the medical trials undertaken can be viewed on the company website

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