Pak cricket community hits out at BCCI, ICC

Pak cricket community hits out at BCCI, ICC

"This is a former India player making a serious accusation and yet even Sharad Pawar in his capacity as ICC president has dismissed the issue outright which is strange," former captain Rashid Latif told PTI.

"I don't see what is wrong in holding an investigation even if Kambli has come out with claims after 15 years. If there was no hanky panky in the match what has the BCCI or Pawar have to fear," Latif said.

Pawar had earlier said that that if Kambli was a honest and committed cricketer, he should have told about everything he knew then, but he kept quiet.

The BCCI also said that they didn't see any need to take the allegations by Kambli seriously and would not investigate his accusations.

"Kambli today has come out in the open because now after our three players were jailed by a court there is renewed confidence that people responsible for fixing and corruption can be punished. In the past different boards and authorities have tried to play down this serious problem and brush it under the match that is why no cricketer had the confidence to come out if he knew something or suspected something," Latif said.

He said the quick reaction of the Indian board and Pawar only showed just how other boards were not willing to accept their players could be involved in corruption and this was not a problem restricted to Pakistan.