Save West Indies for sake of world cricket, Buchanan tells ICC

"The ICC must intervene in West Indian cricket ... it is a massive job, but a strong West Indian team is essential for the future of world cricket," Buchanan was quoted as saying in 'The Courier Mail'.

"They need to work how all the problems there can best be attacked over the shortest period of time. This is so important, even if the ICC diverts resources from other countries," he added.

Buchanan said Caribbean cricket has been in a shambolic state for ages and the ICC can't afford to turn a blind eye to the situation anymore.
"The West Indies have been crying out for help over a long period of time. It is a major concern that the performance and the consistency of the Test side has been so inconsistent and abysmal," he said.

Currently trailing 0-1 in a series against Australia, West Indies have won just two of their past 40 Tests since mid-2005. The players' strike over pay hikes a few weeks ago was just one of the off-field woes for the team. Buchanan said the problems have been building up for a long time.
"All of the problems in West Indian cricket haven't just happened ... they've been happening over the past 20 years," Buchanan said.

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