Sharma, Mohit win

Sharma, Mohit win

Team Maruti’s Sandeep Sharma and co-driver Varun Davessar captured the Maruti Suzuki Dakshin Dare Rally Championship on Sunday.

The duo, driving a Maruti Gyspy, registered a total time of 3:41.26 to wear the Extreme Cars crown, beating their team-mates Sanjay Agarwal and co-driver Venu Ramesh Kumar, who finished with a time of 3:42.49.

Defending champions Amanpreet Ahluwalia and Sudeep Halder, who set the pace before slipping to eighth after receiving a penalty in the second leg, showed their mettle in signing off third at 3:44:56.

Final results: Extreme Cars: Sandeep Sharma/ Varun Davessar (3:41.26) 1; Sanjay Agarwal/ Venu Ramesh Kumar (3:42.49) 2; Aman Preeth/ Sudeep Halder (3:44.56) 3.

Extreme Bikes: Mohit Verma (3:29.15) 1; Nataraj (3:33.30) 2; Pramod Joshua (3:35.37) 3.
Endurance: Karthick Maruthi/ Shankar Anand (2:13) 1; Sachin Singh/Pratima (2:51) 2; Ganesh Moorthy/ Nagarajan (3:10) 3.