Cricket goes carbon-neutral!

Cricket goes carbon-neutral!

INTENSE There was no lack of fire in India’s first carbon-neutral cricket match. PTI

The PCA had roped in a United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) representative for suggesting ways to reduce the carbon emission at its sports facilities in Mohali.

A representative of UNEP, who was associated with FIFA in reducing carbon emission conducted an audit of the PCA’s sports facilities in terms of their carbon emission and then recommend steps to be carried out for making them a carbon neutral body.

Under this move, the UNEP had suggested ways to collect and separate waste, install a rain harvesting system, recycling of water, setting up solar power panels to reduce consumption of fuel etc.

Punjab skipper Kumar Sangakkara was delighted to be part of the initiative.

“We all need a better and green planet to live and I am proud to be a part of this exciting environment-related initiative. I look forward to participate in many more climate neutral cricket games in the future,” the Sri Lankan cricketer said.

“It is really great that we have got an opportunity to host and fund the first-ever climate neutral cricket game. PCA is delighted to be a part of this new green era for cricket,” PCA President I S Bindra said.

PCA has ensured that the carbon footprint from the game will be kept as low as possible by offsetting an estimated 580 tonne of match-related carbon-dioxide emissions. The unavoidable greenhouse gas emissions will be compensated by investment in climate protection projects. According to PCA officials, nearly USD 10,150 will go towards supporting a residual biomass project in Rajasthan.

“It is our social responsibility to play our part in this green movement,” Bindra said.

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