UN thanks India for Pakistan flood aid

UN thanks India for Pakistan flood aid

India had offered $25 million for the victims of the devastating floods in Pakistan, which was routed through the United Nations.

A letter written by Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator, Valeria Amos thanked India for being “one of the top donors” to the aid call and said it was “testament to India's generosity and demonstration of its solidarity for people of Pakistan who are in need”.

She said, in the letter made public by India's ministry of external affairs, that UN agencies and voluntary organisations were “counting on the continued generosity and support of donors like India”.“India's generous contribution through the UN system will be utilised to the best extent possible,” said Amos.

Around 36 projects worth $9.1 billion have been already implemented through the Pakistan Emergency Response Fund, set up by United Nations.

She added that there was still a lot of relief work left, which emerged from a recent visit to Pakistan. “Although floodwaters have receded in many areas, southern Pakistan remains largely submerged under water raising concerns of increasing occurrences of waterborne diseases among an already malnourished population”