Was busy winning gold medals: Pankaj Advani tells RJ

Was busy winning gold medals: Pankaj Advani tells RJ

RJ Raunac had expressed shock over the award-winning billiards player watching the movie 'Kabir Singh' over three months late

 World Billiards and Snooker Champion Pankaj Advani

India's 21-time World Billiards Champion Pankaj Advani recently watched the widely debated Bollywood flick 'Kabir Singh.' 

How do we know that? Because Advani took to Twitter to express his thoughts about the Shahid Kapoor-starrer:

While the tweet caught Kapoor's attention who thanked the snooker player, it also caught the curiosity of RJ Raunac, a radio jockey with the Red FM.

"Why so late(?)" asked an amazed Raunac, referring to the fact that the film was released over three months ago. 

Advani's sharp response is what won over Twitterattis.

This is what he said: 

While RJ Raunac didn't see that reply coming, he couldn't help but appreciate Advani's laurels. 

Pankaj Advani - 1, RJ Raunac - 0.