Watch| Another hilarious run-out, this time in NZ

Watch| Another hilarious run-out, this time in NZ

Twitter is in splits over another hilarious run-out, this time from New Zealand.Ā 

The fixture was a Plunket Shield match between Wellington Firebirds and Otago Volts. In the 47th over, Otago's Michael Rippon flicked the ball down fine leg and took off for a double. But while turning at non-striker's end, he slipped twice and fell.

After seeing his partner struggle, Nathan Smith tried to stop and turn but he too slipped in the middle of the pitch and fell. And Wellington wicketkeeper then took off the bails with both batsmen on the ground.

The incident comes close on the heels of probably the most bizarre run-outs in Test cricket.

In Abu Dhabi on Thursday against Australia, Pakistan's Azhar Ali edged the ball to third-man.

Assuming that the ball had crossed the boundary, Ali and his partner Asad Shafiq began chatting in the middle of the pitch.

Mitchell Starc retrieved the ball and threw it to wicket-keeper Tim Paine, who quickly took off the bails.