1st-time voters excited to cast their franchise

1st-time voters excited to cast their franchise

Iskon Devotee Amith Kumar Singh, first time voter at Mahalakshmi Layout Constituency, in Bengaluru on Saturday 12th May 2018. Photo/ B H Shivakumar

Farhat Unnissa did not mind standing in a long queue to cast her first vote.

A second-year BSc student, she believes the power of choosing the right leaders is in people’s hands.

She was among the 15.42 lakh first-time voters from across the state, who voted on Saturday.

Shreyada S, another first-time voter, a third-year physiotherapy student at the Oxford College, said, “It is important to choose the right candidate because he will be the one who will work for the constituency’s development. The party does not matter.”

Yearning for change

Most of these voters yearn for a change. 

Naresh Ravishastri, a second-year student at the MVG Medical College, said,”I have voted with a hope for positive change. It is a great feeling to be a part of this democratic process.” 

For instance, Sania and Shifa both sisters and first-time voters from Bidadi feel more responsible after casting the vote in a polling booth near Bidadi. Sania, an engineering student said, “I am happy that I have voted as it is the most important responsibility of a citizen.”

As for Jayashree Ramesh, the fact that she has the right to choose the candidate on her own filled her with excitement to cast her vote.

Sana, 21, cast her first vote alongside her father Mushir Ahmed from the Bommanahalli constituency.

“I live in this city, and to ensure it’s development, I feel that is important for all youngsters to come out and exercise their franchise,” said Sana, a BSc student.

Amit Kumar Singh (31), an ISKCON member, voted for the first time. An ex-techie, he attributes his choice to vote after all these years to his ‘spiritual enlightenment’.

He says earlier, the voting day was just another holiday for him and he was disillusioned with the voting process as he thought his vote could make no difference.