2,000 civilians in Kolar district seek gun licence

2,000 civilians in Kolar district seek gun licence

The district administration has received more than 2,000 applications from citizens seeking gun licence.

A majority of the applicants have sought licence stating that their houses are located in secluded areas and near forests. However, the administration may have a tough time in assessing the real need of the applicants.

The police organise rifle training camps for civilians every year. Citizens successfully completing the training are given priority in issue of gun licences. However, a majority of the applicants have not undergone any such training.

The procedure

Only the deputy commissioner has the authority to issue gun licences. The application should be submitted to him, who then forwards it to the superintendent of police to verify the genuineness of the need.

The applications are sent to respective jurisdictional police stations. The staff conduct an elaborate background check of the applicants. The social status of the applicants, their conduct in society, professional relations are checked. The fact whether the applicants have any threat perception is verified.

Only after satisfying themselves as to the need, they send the applications back to the deputy commissioner. The DC, however, grants licence exercising his discretion. The rifle will be given by the police department. It is mandatory to renew the licence at regular intervals.

Deputy Commissioner D K Ravi has more than 2,000 applications seeking gun licence. A majority of the applicants have stated that they reside on the periphery of the forests or in houses at isolated places and hence require a gun for their protection.

“The safety of the citizens residing on the periphery of the forests is looked after by the Forest Department while it is the responsibility of the police to ensure protection for houses at isolated places. Under such circumstances are the rifles necessary?” the DC wants to know. The deputy commissioner opined that the demand for rifles may come down if the Forest Department personnel and police discharge their duties efficiently.

He said grant of gun licences is an onerous task as it was not in the interest of public safety to issue so many licences. Hence the reasons assigned for obtaining the licence will be scrutinized closely.

Superintendent of Police Dr Ram Nivas Sepat said possessing a gun is a responsible thing and hence those submitting application for licences too should brood over it carefully.
He said the police will scrutinise the application against a checklist containing 15 parameters. “The prime concern will be to check whether the applicants have any life threat or not. The applications will be recommended to the deputy commissioner only if they satisfy all the parameters,” he added.

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